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Sunday, September 10, 2006

ReSun Pump

One of the newer generation in Aquarium or Pond power head pumps is the ReSun. The ReSun follows the design of the Via Aqua & Rio (which are still an industry leaders), but goes one further. The ReSun power head pumps have a stainless steel coating on the impellers of their # 2 and larger pumps along with the ceramic shaft. The impeller housing is even stronger than the Via Aqua, which lessens the chance over heating melt down in the housing. I have been in this industry many years (decades) and have used most of the pumps in real world applications in my service business.
The Hagen power heads were king in the 1980s, the Rio improved on the Hagen by a wide margin, and then the Via Aqua (same designer as the Rio) improved on the Rio with a more durable impeller and general design than the Rio. Now this designer has stepped it up one more notch with the ReSun.

I will note that The King 5 & 6 have few equals in my opinion for large pumps (1500 gph +) for the quality, head pressure and the price, although the Via Aqua 8000 does compare favorably with the King 6 with a lower price and comparable gallons per hour of 2200, hour the ReSun 5 has better head pressure (which means it will retain a higher gph for applications requiring more “uphill” pump or more devices in-line).

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